Home Burglary

Methods of break-ins:
  • Forcing open windows, grille gates or doors.
  • Cutting padlocks, and grilles.
  • Gaining entry through the refuse chute, false ceiling or ventilation openings.
  • Gaining entry through neighbouring house/shop.
  • Gaining entry by using household tools left outside the house. 
Preventive Measures:
  • Lock all doors and windows when leaving the home unattended, even for a short while.
  • Keep large sums of cash in banks and expensive jewelleries in safe deposit boxes.
  • Do not hide keys under the doormat, in a flowerpot or on top of the electricity meter box outside the house..
  • Do not leave notes outside of the house announcing your absence from home.
  • Leave a light and radio on at night to give an impression that there are occupants home.
  • Cancel all deliveries (eg newspapers, magazines, etc.) when you are away from home for a few days.
  • Change all locks when your house keys are lost or stolen.
  • Install security alarm system. Ensure that it is tested periodically and in working condition. Activate the system when no one is in the house and before retiring to bed. This applies also to unoccupied rooms in large premises. 
  • Ask your immediate neighbours to keep an eye on your house while you are away.
  • Keep your mobile phone within easy reach and be contactable.
  • Inform your Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) of your absence if you are away from home for a few days.
  • Keep a lookout in your neighbourhood for any suspicious person(s) who are loitering. Call the Police at ‘999’ for assistance.