Preventive Measures
  • Educate children to avoid any contact with strangers.
  • Never allow children to walk alone and always monitor them in any situation.
  • Advice and inform children about safety precaution and reach children with messages about crime, violence and drug prevention.
  • Don’t ever leave kids unattended in standing vehicle with running engine, although in a short period of time. 
  • Make ahead a proper research and review on any trips or activities.
  • Educate on how to react by demonstrating to parents and childrens about crime prevention.
  • Install alarm on every house as well as lock all the windows and doors.
  • Create an emergency directory to be located on strategic place.
  • Well-identify and familiarize the location of police station, fire station and hospital nearby.
  • Always be alert on any circumstances and surrounding.
  • Know and recognize our colleague, as well as be aware of the background and details of our maid and babysitter to our children. 
  • Don’t use common route that we always travel by daily, for example the road we use to send children to school have to be varied.
  • Protect our personal and family details and don’t ever expose or disclose easily to an outsider or stranger, for example on internet or social media.
  • Report any unusual or suspicious activity of stranger to the authorities such as the police.