Robbery in Homes

How It Can Happen
  •  Entering or forcing through unsecured doors or other entrances. 
  •  Waiting for the victim to enter or leave the premises and then forcing his way in together with the victim. 
  •  Impersonating as a public servant or door-to-door salesman. 
  •  Entering the premises on the pretext of delivering goods or hampers, using the toilet or telephone, or viewing the premises in response to a  newspaper advertisement for rental or sale.
Preventive Measures
  •  Padlock the grille gates so that the culprit cannot rush or force his way in when the door is opened. Always deal with strangers through a locked  grille gate. 
  •  Never open doors to strangers. Use the door viewer to have a good look at the stranger. Talk to the stranger with a chain latch/door limiter  fastened if it is available. 
  •  Verify the identity of anyone who claims to be a public servant, door-to-door salesman or representative from other organisations. Call his  organisation through the number obtained from your telephone directory. Do not rely on the number that he gives you.
  •  Inform family members in advance if someone unknown is being sent to the house. Call the Police at "999" if in doubt.

Robbery in Street

How It Can Happen
  •  Loitering at lift landings or void decks to ambush the victim while he or she is waiting to take the lift. 
  •  Entering the lift as the lift door is closing and robbing the victim when he or she is confined in it. 
  •  Luring the victim by claiming to be a relative or friend, before bringing them to a secluded place to rob them of their valuables. 
  •  Accusing victims of staring, causing annoyance, or starting a quarrel, before bringing them to a secluded place to rob them of their valuables. 
  •  Using the pretext of asking for road directions, time, assistance, and taking the opportunity to rob you. 
  •  Directing your attention to stains or dirt (such as ketchup or ice-cream stains) on your clothes and taking the opportunity to rob you.
Preventive Measures
  • Be wary of strangers following you or loitering at the lift landing and void decks.
  • Avoid taking the lift with any suspicious stranger. Arrange for someone to escort you when returning home late.
  • When taking the lift alone, stand beside the lift control panel. Press the “DOOR OPEN” button to exit if any stranger rushes in. If this is not possible, exit at the next lift landing to use the staircase or wait for the next lift.
  • Avoid wearing excessive jewellery or carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Plan your route and avoid dark and deserted places.
  • If confronted, surrender your valuables on demand one at a time and try to remember any distinct features of the culprit.