Safety Tips During Festive Season

Safety Tips During Festive Season
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked with heavy duty padlocks.
  • Make sure all lights around the house are switched on starting from 6pm in the evening until 7am in the morning (by using auto-timer) everyday. The home security system should be activated and well-functioned (if any).
  • Make sure you have an extra safety tools such as safety chains and padlocks that are mounted in places which are likely to be burgled like the front/rear gates and door grills. These extra safety tools need to be installed before leaving the house.
  • Do not leave your pets without sufficient food when you are on vacation.
  • Make sure your neighbours around the house know that you are leaving your house and give them your contact number in case of emergency.
  • Make sure to bring all the jewelleries, money and other valuable items with you or store it in a safe place before leaving the house.
  • Stop the newspaper subscriptions during your absence in order to avoid the criminals from knowing that your house is empty. Ask your neighbours to keep all the letters from the mailbox.
  • Inform the officers in charge by contacting the nearest police station when you are on vacation and provide the following information :

               -Name and address
               -Contact number
               -Departure and arrival dates
               -Registration number and the types of vehicles that are left at home during vacation

  • You are advised to insured your belongings to lessen the loss if something happened.
When robberies commonly happen?
  • When the residents are away from home, either day or night.
  • Lacks of cooperation between neighbours and even not knowing each other.
  • The negligence of the residents regarding security aspects of the house.
Preventive Measures
  • Lock all windows and doors whenever leaving the house even for a short period of time.
  • Do not hide the access keys to the house, inside the vase, under the door mat or in the shoes rack outside the house.
  • Never leave notes indicating that you are not home.
  • Stop the daily subscriptions of newspapers and magazines during your absence.
  • Change the padlocks and the house keys with the new one in case of losing the keys or changing of the tenants.
  • Do not give the house keys to the contractor.
  • Keep the ladders and other tools in safe place that cannot be accessed by any intruders.
  • Create the environment indicating that someone is in the house by turning on the radio or the lights inside the house at night (by using auto-timer).
  • Unplug the telephone wires to prevent it from ringing non-stop or install a voicemail system (do not tell that you are away from home).
  • Join the neighbourhood program especially with the police in order to increase the cooperation between community and the police.
  • Provide your contact number that is accessible and the contact number of the nearest police station.
  • Ensure that there are no tall grass that can become a hiding place for the invaders in the house compound.
  • Ensure that there are no trees near the fence that can become a tool for the intruders to enter the house.
Additional Tips To Prevent Robberies 
  • Main and rear door should be made by sturdy substance and equipped with high quality lock systems.
  • Install door viewer and padlock at the main door.
  • Install grills that can be locked at the windows and doors.
  • Install a spotlight with a sensor that will automatically switch on when passerby are detected for safety measures outside the house.
  • Install extra security system such as alarm and CCTV.