Snatch Theft & Pick Pockets

How It Can Happen
  • Approaching victim on the pretext of striking up a conversation or seeking assistance.
  • Snatching the handbag from behind the victim. 
  • Soiling victim’s clothing and offering to clean dirt stains on it. 
  • Telling victim that his money has dropped on the floor.
Preventive Measures
  • Avoid carrying large amount of cash. Use credit/ debit cards.
  • Sling your handbag in front of you. For men, keep your wallet on your side trousers pocket.
  • If in the event of a snatching and if life is threatened, do not fight back/ struggle.
  • Avoid wearing excessive jewellery.
  • Never leave your belongings lying on the table or chair at public places such as hawker centre, food court, etc. 
  • Please do not leave your handbag, notebook bag in between the seats or at the passenger seat. It may be convenient for the Smash & Grab Thief. 
  • Check your handbag or wallet immediately if someone jostles or bumps into you.
  • Do not be distracted by strangers creating a commotion or accidently spilling something on you.
  • Try not to doze off in public transport or leave your belongings unattended.
  • Walk against traffic.
  • Vary the route you take to the place or the time of the day of your errand.
Preventive Measures
  • Park the vehicle in a well lit area.
  • Do not leave keys in the ignition switch. 
  • Do not leave valuables such as laptop, mobile phone, cash cards, briefcase or handbag inside the vehicle. 
  • Remove your cash card from the In-Vehicle Unit (IU). 
  • Secure windows and doors of vehicle at all times. 
  • Engrave vehicle registration number on the windscreens.