How It Can Happen
  • Young girls have been molested or raped on their first date by people they had met on the IRC or through telephone chatlines. 
  • At lifts, corridors, dark and lonely places. 
  • On public transport, e.g. buses, MRT trains, etc. 
  • Crowded places, e.g. rock concerts, star performances, etc.
Preventive Measures
  • Never enter a lift with a stranger. Let the stranger take the lift and wait for the next one. 
  • If alone in the lift, stand near to the lift buttons. Press “Door Open” and exit if a stranger rushes in as the door is closing. 
  • When coming home late at night, ask a family member to wait at the bus stop, carpark or lift landing to accompany you home. 
  • Sit close to the aisle when using public transport. 
  • Remain alert, do not nap or sleep while travelling.
  • Alert other passengers or seek help from the driver if someone is making you uncomfortable or touching you inappropriately.
  • Never take short cuts through dark, deserted places. Keep to well-lit areas where there are people and traffic. 
  • Don’t jog in secluded areas.
  • Always be alert and attentive to the surroundings. If you suspect that you are being followed, remain calm and proceed to the nearest open business premises crowded area or call the Police to seek help. 
  • Do not be accept offer of lifts or presents, from strangers who approach you on the pretext of asking for directions or help, etc. 
  • If your assailant is armed, do not try to resist as this might provoke the assailant further. Be calm and try to remember any distinct features of the culprit. 
  • Never agree to meet anyone you know through the IRC or telephone chatline in person. If there is a need to meet the other person, do so in a group and in a crowded place.
  • Never reveal information about yourself and your family online. 
  • Parents should warn children of the dangers of internet chat. They should also supervise their use of the internet and telephone. Subscribe to a call barring service to bar certain calls from being made.